Her not blocking you on FB means she has you.


Since Duck Duck Go allows anonymous web browsing, Facebook won’t know you are the one trying to use the site. Check the status of the last sent messages.


If the blocked profile is ever included in a conversation with a group of friends, you may be able to see the messages.

6. . To see if you’ve accidentally blocked someone or been blocked is easy and the process is similar to unblocking someone on Instagram: 1.

Note: The length of a block depends on the severity of the violation and your history on Facebook.

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Maybe they just forgot to block you on other social networking sites or maybe they are not "that" active on those sites. If you and the profile you block are in a group conversation together, you'll be notified before you enter the conversation.

Here’s a more detailed explanation.


Scroll down and find the “blocking” section. .

Meaning, even you lose the power to message them. Here's what you might see: Messages: Your message history with a profile you've blocked will stay in your inbox.

Answer (1 of 16): The answer is so simple and clear like a mirror view She still count you as a stranger or she doesn't want you to disturb in her private social life.
See your messages if you're both in the same group conversation.
Go to your settings and privacy.

Something you posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to our security systems.


. Sometimes when someone blocks you it just means she doesn’t know how to communicate that the relationship is over and that doesn’t always mean you are to blame. Similar to PC, you will.

Jan 5, 2022 · The app will prompt you to enter the name of the person you wish to send a message to. One sure-shot way of knowing if you’ve been blocked is. 2 days ago · HIT & RUN. Enter the person's name. Here’s how.

Step 3: Search for the person’s name and send several messages.

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If the person you blocked sends you any messages in Direct, you won't receive those messages, and they won't be delivered later if you unblock them.

One sure-shot way of knowing if you’ve been blocked is.


Update (5:30 pm PT): Instagram has announced that the app is back up via their Instagram Comms Twitter account: “Instagram is back! Sorry for the trouble – we had a brief outage earlier.

Go to the Facebook website.